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Services for Women

Client Centered

Recognizing the Gender Gap

Are you in control of your financial affairs, or have you consistently deferred that responsibility to your husband or significant other? If so, were you not pleased with the manner in which his financial advisor treated you, and perhaps you decided to just remove yourself from the picture altogether?

Here at Ever Green Wealth Management, we recognize that women have been an underserved population in wealth management, which is particularly troubling given women tend to outlive men and control an increasing percentage of the nation's wealth. Our goal is to help give women the financial freedom they deserve. 

Services for Women

We help empower women to take control of their financial planning no matter what the circumstance, whether that be as they transition to retirement, start a new business, emerge from a relationship, or after the loss of a loved one. Our team strives to help women gain confidence in their financial well-being and plan for their individual goals. 

We Understand YOU

Not everyone's path to financial empowerment looks the same - not all women's paths look the same. You have unique financial needs and challenges. Our team gives the promise to listen and find personalized, tailored solutions aimed at achieving your goals. 

We Are Here for YOU

You work hard to take care of your loved ones, and you do it well. We are here to help you take care of you by making you aware of all of your options to take control of your finances and your future.