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Our Process

At Ever Green Wealth Management, our mission is not to hand you a map and send you on your way, but to board your boat and help you navigate the journey.

Our intuitive and holistic process encourages a partnership between you and your advisor. We will never ask or expect you to journey through deep and unknown waters alone, but will be there to guide you toward a future of financial success. We believe that trust must be established from the very beginning. Face-to-face interaction and ongoing communication is at the cornerstone of our process. Once a mutually beneficial relationship has been forged, we follow a six step process that results in a personalized financial plan that will lead you to where you want to go.

  1. Establish and Define Goals
  2. Gather Data
  3. Analyze and Evaluate
  4. Develop and Present a Written Plan of Action
  5. Implement the Plan
  6. Ongoing Monitoring of Investment Recommendations and Goals

A ship will not reach its destination without a crew on board working together and with purpose. The same goes for your financial strategy. Requiring constant monitoring and support, your financial plan will work because our team of professional and experienced advisors will be collaborating to ensure its short and long-term success.