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Services for Retirees

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Services for Retirees


Retirement can be very rewarding and a special time of our lives. Having a plan to achieve what you desire for your unique goals can go a long way providing confidence and independence as you retire.


Retirees goals tend to fall into four categories:


  • Spending time with grandchildren
  • Assisting with education costs
  • Are my children self-sufficient?
  • Spending time with other sibling and family members


  • Staying active & healthy
  • Having access to affordable, quality healthcare
  • Medicare guidance
  • What will happen when you can’t take care of yourself?


  • Will my money last my lifetime?
  • Is my portfolio positioned properly based on my income needs & desires?
  • Am I taking advantage of all income tax savings opportunities?
  • Am I getting the advice I need?
  • Are my estate documents proper?


  • Desire to keep up with hobbies such as golf, going to the theater, etc.
  • Staying in touch and seeing friends and family
  • Finding the right mix of activities for enjoyment

As a Retiree client, you can expect a Retirement Income Plan that will address all desires and concerns. Your investment portfolio will be positioned specifically based on your income needs today and those projected in the future. Equally important is to have your investments systematically reviewed 3 to 4 times annually and to update your Retirement Income Plan every 2 years or sooner if circumstances warrant.

One of our greatest joys is when our Retiree clients come into our office and we get to see how much they are truly enjoying themselves in retirement because they planned for it.